LM-2B Level Matching System

LM-2B Front View

The LM-2B is a professional audio level conversion device, specifically designed to allow unbalanced audio outputs to be connected to professional balanced audio inputs.

The LM-2B provides four independent channels of conversion from low-level unbalanced signals (typically -10 or -20 dBV) to high-level balanced signals (typically +4 or +8 dBm).

Gain adjustments for each of the four channels are readily accessible from the front panel, in order to accommodate a wide range of signal amplitudes.

LM-2B Specifications

Power Requirements115 VAC, 60 Hz or 230 VAC, 50 Hz; 4.5 W

Unbalanced to Balanced Conversion

Input Impedance100 kohms unbalanced
Input Signal Level-10 dBV nominal, +18 dBV maximum
Input ConnectorsRCA
Output Load Impedance600 ohms nominal
Output Signal Level+4 dBm nominal, +24 dBm maximum
Output Level Control Range -3 to +24 dBm @ -10 dBV input
Output ConnectorsXLR, male
Frequency Response20 Hz to 30 kHz +/-0.2 dB
T. H. D. + NoiseLess than .014%, 20 Hz to 30 kHz, nominal output
Hum and Noise -88 dBm, 20 Hz to 30 kHz

Physical Dimensions (Inches)

LM-2B8.1 W x 1.9 H x 5.1 D

Ordering Information
LM-2BStand alone Table Top Version
LM-2B/R11 Unit Rack Mounted in 1 RU Frame. Unit takes 1/2 of the rack frame
LM-2B/R22 Units Rack Mounted in 1 RU Frame
LM-2B/AAssembly unit only. Ordered for existing Frames
PH-3/FRPhase 3 Rack Frame with no Products Installed
PH-3/BFPhase 3 Blank Front Panel plate
PH-3/BRPhase 3 Blank Rear Panel Plate
PH-3/DBPhase 3 Under the Desk Mounting Bracket
Please note that the Phase 3 products may be order in combination with other units. Example A2D-1/D2A-1 is a Rack Frame with one A2D-1 and one D2A-1 together on the same frame.
LM-2B Rear View

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