RI-2 Main/Standby Audio/Video Relay Interface

RI-2 Front View


The RI-2 allows instant selection of main or standby video and stereo audio signals. This selection may be made manually from the front panel, or remotely via a switch or relay closure.

The RI-2 incorporates a multi-level 2 input x 1 output relay switcher with channels for video, audio left, and audio right. Two auxiliary form-C relay contacts are also provided, for custom applications. All contacts are gold plated to ensure excellent signal quality.

Remote selection may be accomplished with a remote pushbutton, or by using a relay contact closure, such as those provided by the SD-2 Silence Detector or VSD-2 Video Sync Detector. Using the RI-2 in conjunction with either of these two units allows automatic program switching in the event of audio or video loss.

RI-2 Specifications

Power Requirements115 VAC, 60 Hz or 230 VAC, 50 Hz; 3 W


Number of Inputs2
Number of Outputs1
Video ConnectorsBNC
Switch TypeHigh-frequency relay, gold contacts
Crosstalk-60 dB @ 5 MHz


Number of Inputs2 per channel, 2 channels total
Number of Outputs1 per channel, 2 channels total
Audio ConnectorsScrew clamp terminal blocks
Switch TypeRelay, gold contacts
Crosstalk-90 dB @ 20 kHz


Number of Contacts2, form-C, gold contacts
Auxiliary ConnectorsScrew clamp terminal blocks

Physical Dimensions (Inches)

RI-28.1 W x 1.9 H x 5.1 D

RI-2 Rear View

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