ADM-1 AES/EBU Digital Audio Mixer

ADM-1 Front View

Discontinued, Replaced with ADM-1A

The ADM-1 is a digital mixer for two 24 Bit AES/EBU (AES3) stereo digital audio signals.

One of the following four operational modes can be chosen.

Mode 1
Straight 2 Stereo to 1 Stereo Mix, Cross Fade or Audio Over Mode Two stereo digital signals were mixed then output to XLR connector as digital stereo signal. Appropriate amount of the cross fade decay speed can be set by the internal DIP switch. Input channel selection can be made by the front panel push bottoms or through remote connector on the rear panel. The Audio-Over function is an asymmetric cross fading. Means that reduces the Main input signal (ch1) to fixed amount when Audio-Over (ch2) input was selected, and brings Audio-Over signal (ch2) to nominal level (unit gain). On the hand, when the Main signal (ch1) was selected, the Main signal (ch1) will be output at nominal level and Audio-Over signal (ch2) will be reduced to zero. The decay speed can be set by internal DIP switch.

Mode 2
Straight 2 Stereo to 1 Stereo Mix, Cross Fade or Audio Over Mode.
Cross fade decay speed can be set by internal DIP switch.

Mode 3
Sampling Frequency Conversion only mode. Any combination of 32, 44.1, 48K or 96KHz unsyncronized input signals will be output as synchronized and sampling rate of 48KHz.

Mode 4
Test Tone Generator mode. 1KHz and 400Hz tone generator.

Signals present at the two AES3 inputs are automatically sample-rate converted from 32, 44.1, 48 or 96 kHz, and synchronized. Outputs are fixed at 48 kHz, as per the broadcast standard. Optionally output sampling frequency can be set to 44.1KHz.

All inputs and outputs use locking 3-pin XLR connectors. The ADM-1 occupies 1/2 rack-space. A rackmount chassis is also available.

ADM-1 Specifications

Power Requirements115 VAC, 60 Hz or 230 VAC, 50 Hz; 8 W

Digital Audio Inputs

Number of inputs2
Input ConnectorsXLR-3F
Input Impedance110 Ohms balanced, transformer coupled
Input Signal Level0 to 5 V differential
Input Cable Length300 meters typical

Digital Audio Outputs

Number of Outputs2
Output ConnectorXLR-3M
Output Impedance110 ohms, transformer coupled
Output Signal Level0 to 5 V differential
Output Cable Length200 meters typical

Physical Dimensions (Inches)

ADM-18.4 W x 1.7 H x 8.7 D inches

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