S-101/S-121 Passive 10x1 Audio/Video Routing Switchers

S-101/S-121 series passive switchers are 10 or 12 input, 1 output routing switcher systems. Their simple, rugged construction ensures trouble-free service and long life. The S-101/S-121 series offers a full array of 10x1 or 12x1 audio/video combinations.
Rear View of the S-101AV
Rear View of the S-101SAV DB-37 Audio Connections PDF (123K)
Rear View of the S-101V

Ordering Information:

S-101A: 10x1 Passive audio only
S-101V: 10x1 Passive video only
S-101AV: 10x1 Passive audio follow video
S-101SA: 10x1 Passive dual audio
S-101SAV: 10x1 Passive dual audio follow video
S-121SAV: 12x1 Passive dual audio follow video

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